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Website Owner's Manual

You can successfully register as a TMW subscriber when you have or know to enter the following information.

A) An active email address and access to your inbox

B) A confidential password that is at least 8 characters long;

C) Know what you want to name your website, such as your personal name: [ johndoe ] or the name of your business or Company: [ xyzcompany ] which are bound by these rules of the internet;

Rules for the Web: You may only use lower case letter, numbers, dashes [ - ], underscores [ _ ] with NO empty spaces. Do NOT include an extension: [ .com, .net, .ca, .org, .etc ]
Note* Think about this carefully because you will not be able to change it later;

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This website preparation will really help you win:

Before you personalize and add content to your very own Thirty Minute Website™, there are a few things you will want to prepare, locate, or collect in advance. These items are essential elements of your website’s content and must be readily available and accessible for importing when you begin to personalize and populate your website, following the simple directions. These items may require additional thinking time to decide or research to find that cannot be estimated and, therefore, cannot be included within the 30 minutes time limit to complete the site. These are
  1. Your “story”: You will need to have words (text) that describe your business or specialized interest for visitors to your website. This copy should be simple, unformatted text, saved in a popular word processing application such as Microsoft Word, Wordpad, or just a simple plain text document (txt) Notepad file. The final appearance of all your website copy will be formatted automatically when you import it to each page of your site where you can also add your personal touch.

  2. Your “Images”: Images are graphic designs such as a distinctive custom “logo” or “wordmark” you can place on your ‘Home Page’ banner as an identifier. Other images are “pictures” such as photographs, illustrations, charts, maps, diagrams, etc. You will select and import these files from clearly marked storage folders in your computer to your website image manager. Image files can then be clicked, held, dragged and dropped into appropriate pages, dimensions and positions on your website. You can obtain these images from many “stock” image services that can be ‘Googled’ on the internet using your internet browser. Some of these services charge a modest fee to use their images, while many are FREE, with some restrictions for their use. Where ever you plan on finding your images they must be saved on the computer you are using first so that you can upload them to your website image manager when you login to your website control panel.

  3. Questionnaires: As an available option, TMW provides a tool to create questions with various ways for visitors to input answers, called “questionnaires” to: a) acquire information from visitors or customers voluntarily that may further identify or qualify them; b) help them clarify as feedback their specific needs or preferences with regard to your interests, business or services; c) request information from them voluntarily for their opinion of your website, your ‘offer’ or your ‘story’; d) as a newsletter sign up that collects names with email addresses. These forms can also be used as announcements, invitations, contests or text messages. Questionnaire forms are so versatile that they can be used effectively for virtually any type of information gathering or communication. Plus the owner of the website is the only person who has access to the answers collected from each form. The data collected can be reviewed and managed from a secure database that is available through the secure website control panel. The data can be managed online or can be downloaded to a spreadsheet (csv; comma separated value) that can be oped by popular programs such as MS Excel or Open Office Calculator. NOTE* All internet browsers support the download function except Internet Explorer. We highly recommend Mozilla FireFox as a secure, powerful and yet easy to use Internet Browser that allows you to fully experience the tmw services.

That is about it for preparation for your new website. Although if you had a hard time reading through all this then you might want to jump in head first and just have fun personalizing your new site right now. After all you can edit, change and update your website style and content as often as you like.

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