Backstage area passCongratulations! You have taken the first step toward planning your future success.

Welcome to the backstage area. You will become a more invaluable leader than ever for the business that you serve by attending this BRILLIANT  Evolutionary Marketing Training.  You will walk away from this workshop with the knowledge, no, the wisdom of an actual marketing funnel that you designed and that you will put to work immediately to increase new leads, customers and sales for your business.


FMC Marketing FunnelThe next workshop & training is in Toronto Canada
on Saturday November 17, 2012 - MAP

(Full price $197) NOW SAVE $100 NOW
Pay Only $97 Until October 18


Your Workshop & Training Includes Key Processes and Planning for Profits Discovery and Facilitation Systems Funnel Models Media T.R.I.P.S. Media Systems Success Marketing Marketing Campaigns



You Will Learn and Plan the Following: to clearly express and share a vision and goals to achieve to create an Allied Virtual Network for alliance marketing to schedule and plan your future success to market globally, locally and virtually using multi-media to attract leads and sales while you focus on service to leverage and combine media vehicles to produce an event for your target audience to plan your marketing and drive your plan to get more new leads, customers and sales!


We aren’t playing off the celebrity card just to get you to show up! These are experienced niche marketing experts and trainers.

Your trainers will be experienced experts at the top of their fields and will specifically train you on their marketing niche. If you think this is going to be another “sellathon” of guest speakers your wrong! That’s not going to happen because this is a formal workshop & training where you will gain the skills and have the personal experience of creating a marketing funnel before you leave. The trainers don’t have time to sell with the intense written exercises they will be guiding you through as they have committed to ensuring every participant finishes their first draft marketing funnel by end of day; an accomplishment that would take most people several weeks to achieve.

Plus there will be a powerful 6 and 12 month follow up program made available to you after you complete this first workshop that will support you in the implementation of your new plan in the real world. This brings master minding, accountability and business coaching to a whole new level since you’ll already have a plan for your success. Your team, colleagues and staff will be sure to notice your change and accelerated performance through the growth your business has in the first year.


Who will be training you and what will they teach you during this workshop?

Justin William McMakinJUSTIN W MCMAKIN

Justin has founded several successful businesses in his entrepreneurial career including an advertising agency (Spherecore Inc.), an instant website service (it actually powers this very website) and most recently the Full Media Center. He has served hundreds of companies with branded media and marketing communications (MARCOM) in several industries. Learn much more about him at or just google him!

He has recently became an author to share over a decade of web mastery knowledge with the world.

You will be given a copy of his first published book “The 30 Minute Website Workbook” when you attend this event.

A simple yet powerful book designed to share valuable insights that will empower the average non-technical person to become more confident using the Internet and web publishing as a tool to leverage online marketing and entrepreneurial success.


What you'll learn with Justin: your new leads and sales goals your ideal T.A.N. (Target Audience Niche) your marketing budget for the year and desired R.O.I. the "itch" your business will "scratch" your marketing vision to clearly express and share it End Back End (FEBE) Marketing Funnels T.R.I.P.S - Television Radio Internet Print Software the marketing dots with multi-media and technology bonus!!! Website design and publishing crash course training



Jim Pagiamtizis

 Author of Get Connected 21st Century!  & Authorized Local Expert, Constant Contact Inc.

Jim Pagiamtzis is an Authorized Local Expert for Constant Contact. He presents to a variety of networking groups, educational organizations and small business groups on using email and social media to create new opportunities.

A published author and professional speaker, Jim Pagiamtzis is also the founder of Get Connected Make Wealth Happen. His articles have also been included in numerous small business and professional publications, blogs and online sites. He is also a frequent contributor to radio and online television programs.


Since he became a professional speaker in 2007, Jim has spoken to corporate organizations, small business groups, employment initiatives and college audiences across Ontario. He delivers both keynote presentations and learning seminars in a dynamic speaking style, empowering and inspiring his audiences to apply his simple and effective systems.


What you'll learn with Jim: of networking called P-A-R to run effective email marketing campaigns to measure your social ROI to leverage events to boost your profile to effectively run events and promote your business to become a Networking success



This workshop is happening soon so put it on your calendar now and reserve your seat before we are fully booked!

The next workshop & training is in Toronto Canada at
Full price is $197 CAD

SAVE 50% and Pay Only $97 Until October 18, 2012

The ROI on this training will make the rest of your team wish they could attend themselves so I suggest you invite them as well.The way the global and local economy is today makes it intimidating for almost anyone in any position to invest over a thousand bucks in themselves or their company on training. So with that in mind and my personal mission to share this with as many people as possible I have arranged for a few extraordinary bonuses for those who take action and register.

Regularly training like this… wait a second… I don’t know of any training like this exactly. I attended “The World’s Greatest Marketing Seminar” for $5,000 and “The Ultimate Marketing Camp” for $5,000 plus the cost of travel and accommodations. Those are the closest trainings I could compare to this workshop. They were great experiences but I didn’t get a completed marketing workbook or a follow up program that empowered me to implement what I learned the day I got back to work. I got sucked back into my day to day environment and responsibilities before I could apply my plan.

Then I sought experts in the marketing industry that could help me move forward. If I were to go to each of my trusted marketing niche experts for coaching and guidance on how to complete a marketing funnel plan, like the one included in this training, it would easily cost me more than $5,000. That’s not even including the first web page published; ongoing support or media production expenses either.


Bonuses for action takers includes a 1-year membership, valued at $220 for a 14 page website designed to support your new marketing plan. This website management system is powered by DAWMS software which is one of my inventions and brands. The web pages used to promote the Spirit of Prosperous Business are powered by the same system. Yes you could use this website system as a working tool for your marketing plan and or as a marketing communications vehicle and or as a professional profile to boost your online credibility instantly. 10 years from now practically everyone will have a website of their own and use it like they use email or social media profiles today.

That’s a $220 bonus which means you’ve already prospered by over $100.

You may be thinking that a website membership isn’t a bonus because you’re not a web master. Who has the time to learn programming and a new technology? Most people have learned how to use my website tool in 30 minutes or less. That’s why I named it Thirty Minute Websites and I’m writing my first book “The 30 Minute Website Workbook”. As the cherry on top for this bonus I’m going to personally present a series of complimentary 30-minute tele-training classes on this technology and give you a signed copy of my new workbook due for publishing in the 2012.


So I totally feel this event has a value of $5,000 or more in training and tools. I believe training is so valuable that I’m planning on covering the entire workshop with HD Video. I also plan on creating a video workbook product that will be distributed globally causing a new trend in marketing over the next decade. This is serious stuff and I want as many people on the planet to know it to further their businesses, financial success and leverage their ability to serve others.

The average person, me included, only retains 15-25% of what they learn in a typical environment. Well this will be an accelerated learning environment and you may still only truly retain 40-60% of what you learn. Just like at every course, workshop or class you have ever attended. You may even be thinking that when you hear a month of training in one day it is impossible. So let me solve that issue by including yet another bonus that will be valued at $197 the very cost of this first time event.
As I mentioned I’m recording the entire event in HD video to make a video workbook version of the live event that covers it from start to finish in a way that you could study it over and over until you integrate the wisdom fully. The first 50 people will be given an opportunity to claim a FREE copy of the first release of Digital Video Workbook Packages just before they hit the market.

That’s a total of $417 in bonus gifts which means you’ve already prospered by over $300.

So there you have it. The best I could plan to give you the lowest risk with the highest reward by registering and attending The Spirit of Prosperous Business – Workshop & Training.


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